Scott Niebauer

Classical Guitarist

Kite Sails

Andante Tremolo

Anniversary Theme

Cloudburst Arpeggio


Original Composition for Guitar by Scott Niebauer

A suite of short pieces for solo guitar intended to capture a unique yet popular idiosyncratic sound. Some of these are new works, some have been re-worked from older ideas. They all incorporate the idea of popular “rock” style guitar music being combined with standard classical guitar technique and notation.


Andante Tremolo creates an eerie yet nostalgic mood with a sixteenth note tremolo figure at the beginning that bursts into a middle section utilizing pull offs to open strings and a more rapid tremolo. It features a descending melodic figure that leads to nowhere...





Anniversary Theme is a half-remembered hum-along melody at the end of the formal celebration when the chairs are being put away but the decorations are still up. It uses simple harmonies that don't really make sense but just follow that same half-forgotten melody, cadencing here and there when they feel like it.


Cloudburst Arpeggio focuses on the chime-like campanella effect produced by a descending slur "pulled-off" to an open string, and then “hammering” it back on again. It begins with a straight-ahead arpeggio pattern going through a standard chord change, and then jumps off the edge of the cliff into other areas...


Mobile is a perpetual motion machine that rocks its way into an Arabic sounding riff in the middle. The low D tuning allows utilization of a drone on the high open D string that produces interesting sonic effects allowing for unique sounds to pull off to open strings.

Four Short Single Focus Compositions

for Guitar Solo


                                            © 2019 Scott A. Niebauer



I) Andante Tremolo


II) Anniversary Theme


III) Cloudburst Arpeggio


IV) Mobile

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Descriptive Pieces for Guitar Solo



                                      © 2002 Scott A. Niebauer

1.)   Kite Sails
2.)   Fire-Shadows
3.)   Rainbow
4.)   Lotus

Sheet Music Available for Purchase here: 



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